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Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima

2011. 07. 4.

Internal emails seen by Guardian show PR campaign was launched to protect UK nuclear plans after tsunami in Japan.

British government officials approached nuclear companies to draw up a co-ordinated public relations strategy to play down the Fukushima nuclear accident just two days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and before the extent of the radiation leak was known.

The immune few

2010. 09. 17.

Papcsák assumed office in the summer; he presented large-scale plans at his introductory press conference. He named affairs from those surrounding the casino construction in Sukoró through the land sales in Bábolna through sale of the headquarter of the Hungarian Post Office to the offshore interests of state leaders; but he emphasised three issues specifically: the offshore links of the Wallis group, the money flowing from the Magyar Villamos Művek (MVM) to offshore companies and the abuse of data of public utility. The latter pertains to Papcsák’s opinion that Ferenc Gyurcsány and János Veres falsified budget data. In the past three-four months investigation has been actively conducted in all the mentioned affairs, except for the MVM issue: it is as if it did not even exist.

Secret expansion in Paks – who should know the details of the expansion?

2010. 09. 16.

While the atomic profession has long been promising open and honest communication to the public sensitive to nuclear issues, it is not willing to present the costs of the preparation project for the planned expansion in Paks. The Energia Klub considers it data of public utility and chose to institute legal action against Paks for the publicity of such information.

Energy market regulation a complete failure

2010. 06. 25.

Electricity market regulation in Hungary was characterized by the lack of clear and consistent government strategy between 2003 and 2009. Decisions contradicted expert analyses and energy policy strategy - a study by the Budapest Corvinus University Corruption Research Centre and Energia Klub revealed.

Index, 1 June 2010

Energy market regulation is a complete disaster

2010. 06. 1.

The Hungarian regulation of the electricity market was characterised by the lack of a clear and consistent government strategy in the 2003-2009 period; decisions were made in spite of expert background analyses and the energy policy strategy, found the analysis prepared by the Corruption Research Center of the Corvinus University, Budapest, Institute of Sociology and Social Policy (Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem Szociológia és Társadalompolitika Intézet Korrupciókutató-központja) and the Energia Klub Environmental NGO (Energia Klub Környezetvédelmi Egyesület) in cooperation, in the framework of theControl Energy Project.

Secretive energy companies are sued because of their prices

2010. 05. 10.

The main strategic questions related to energy are usually decided behind the scenes, despite the consumers’ right to know how much they pay to whom and for what reason – this is the opinion of Energia Klub, therefore the NGO initiated a programme for the publicity of costs burdening consumer energy prices and for the higher transparency of decisions. An interview with Zsuzsanna Koritár and András Perger, project leaders of Energia Klub.

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