Az oldalt gondozza: Energiaklub

The immune few

2010. 9. 17.

Papcsák assumed office in the summer; he presented large-scale plans at his introductory press conference. He named affairs from those surrounding the casino construction in Sukoró through the land sales in Bábolna through sale of the headquarter of the Hungarian Post Office to the offshore interests of state leaders; but he emphasised three issues specifically: the offshore links of the Wallis group, the money flowing from the Magyar Villamos Művek (MVM) to offshore companies and the abuse of data of public utility. The latter pertains to Papcsák’s opinion that Ferenc Gyurcsány and János Veres falsified budget data. In the past three-four months investigation has been actively conducted in all the mentioned affairs, except for the MVM issue: it is as if it did not even exist.