Az oldalt gondozza: Energiaklub

About us

The Energia Klub has remained true to its unique mission, having spent over 20 years in creating a new awareness in Hungary. With our research, our training courses, and our wide-reaching communications, our aim is to have energy producers, users and perhaps even the political decision-makers regard energy in a different way.A rational use of our dwindling resources, an economy based on diverse local resources, a change in energy-wasting consumer habits; these are all part of the solutions which our organisation supports through its work. Our many dozens of successful projects and their related publications and studies are characterised by their scientific precision, their clarity and their focus on practical questions. With impartiality, while retaining a sense of the common interest, we also synthesize the newest international results, working together with the most significant European organisations and institutions. Our work concentrates on energy efficiency, renewable resources, climate protection, conventional energy resources and energy policy. The Energia Klub is known by some as a partner, by others as a source of independent and credible information, and there are those whom, over these 20 years, have come to know us as a critic of misguided energy policy decisions. And what does the Energia Klub mean to us, the Energia Klub’s staff? Knowledge, experience, commitment – and perhaps the most important thing: responsibility.