Az oldalt gondozza: Energiaklub


3 Years in numbers

– achievements of Control Energy Program


·        7 analyses/studies:

-    Government failures, rent-seeking and risks of corruption in the Hungarian electricity sector – Budapest Corvinus University Corruption Research Centre, 2010. (available in English)

-    Dysfunctions in the state energy sector and energy legislation – ENERGIAKLUB, 2010. (available in English)

-    The maze of wind power plant licensing in Hungary – Budapest Corvinus University Corruption Research Centre, 2010

-    Energy and information – ENERGIAKLUB, 2011.

-    Energy policy of the second Orbán government – Centre for Fair Political Analysis (Méltányosság Politikaelemző Központ), 2011.

-    Media analysis of the Fukushima nuclear disaster – MKIK GVI, 2011.

-    As far as Paks from Fukushima: the presentation of the nuclear accident in the Hungarian electronic media – Balázs Bodó, Budapest University of Technology andEconomics, Department of Sociology and Communications, 2011

·        60 data requests in 30 issues

·        5 litigations

-    Data of Lévai project (Hungarian Power Companies Ltd.; MVM): Energiaklub won the lawsuit on first instance

-    Contracts of Teller project (Paks Nuclear Power Plant): Energiaklub has won the lawsuit, contracts have been disclosed

-    Contracts regarding the strategic gas reservoir (MOL Nyrt.; Hungarian Hydrocarbon Stockpiling Association (MSZKSZ); MMBF Zrt.): Energiaklub lost the case

-    Power purchase agreements between MVM and power plants: litigation abolished

-    Data of power plants in the Feed-in Tariff System, using fossil energy source. (Hungarian Energy Office; MEH): lawsuit withdrawn

·        2 ombudsman resolutions

-    Resolution of the Ombudsman of Data Protection that requested documents have to be disclosed instead of merely permitting insight

-    Position paper of Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations, investigating the circumstances of the parliamentary resolution on the expansion of Paks Nuclear Power Plant. The Ombudsman disapproved of the resolution not being relevantly prepared: besides not investigating whether surplus nuclear energy is needed, and if it is, to what extent, no impact assessment has been carried out, and the decision was taken by the MPs based on a 1.5 page explanation lacking any concrete facts regarding the expansion


·        9 investigative articles

-    Gas wars in Hungary (Magyari Péter, Index, 2009) – the author has won the Soma prize for this article

-    Assent to enlargement of Paks NPP (Kovács Áron, Origo, 2009)

-    Earthed grey eminences – 15 years of the Hungarian Energy Office (Szabó M. István, ÉS, 2009)

-    Where does money from district-heating leak? (Galambos Márton, Figyelő, 2010)

-    The constitutional cost of MVM (Bodoky Tamás, ÉS, 2010)

-    Distinguished gentlemen – The Fónagy-Podolák axis: national interest sin energy policy (Hargitai Miklós, Népszabadság, 2011)

-    Publicity in the energy sector (Bodoky Tamás, ÉS, 2011)

-    What does the state want in the energy sector? (Jenei Miklós, Index, 2011)

-    Hungarian nuclear 2.0 (Hargitai Miklós, Népszabadság, 2011)


·        2 conferences

-    „Corrupted energies” – 12 January, 2010. Budapest, Corvinus University; topic: corruption, transparency

-    „Energy and publicity” – 17 November 2011, Budapest Korona Hotel, topic: access to information