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The Teller case at first instance again

2012. 5. 23.

Our lawsuit for the publicity of data on the Teller project achieved a new milestone: the Court of Tolna County returned the case to the court of first instance on April 4th. The court of second instance decided that production of evidence was not adequate, therefore the case was returned to the Szekszárd City Court.

As is known, in its resolution of January 18th, the Szekszárd City Court of first instance obliged the Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt. to disclose studies prepared and other results achieved in the framework of the Teller project on the preparation of the planned extension of the Paks nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant appealed against the verdict, and the Court of Tolna County brought the above detailed resolution.

Therefore the case is delayed, and we have to keep waiting for the disclosure of the data.