Az oldalt gondozza: Energiaklub

The lawsuit of the strategic gas storage facility has been repeatedly postponed

2010. 9. 21.

The Metropolitan Court of Budapest postponed the suit instituted by the Energia Klub against the Hungarian Hydrocarbon Stockpiling Association (MSZKSZ) and  the MMBF Földgáztároló Zrt. to make the contracts of the strategic gas storage facility public.

With its request for data pertaining to the strategic gas storage facility, the Energia Klub expects answers to the following questions: the question of this gas storage facility affecting the money of the consumers – more precisely, how can and should consumers be made pay for gigantic projects bringing profits to other persons? Why is it necessary to spend almost 500 billion forints in the course of decades for a project that is not a solution in practice anywhere else in the world? What kind of crisis requires the opening of the gas storage facility if such action was not needed even in the “great Hungarian” crisis of 2009? If the gas storage facility has a commercial capacity of 700 million cubic meters beside the 1.2 billion cubic meter security capacity, why should consumers support the commercial gain of the company and should they at all?