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Some of the Paks studies are public

2012. 1. 2.

We cannot access all the complete studies prepared in the course of the so-called Teller project pertaining to the planned expansion of the nuclear power plant because the Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. (Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.) sent us incomplete documents with several redacted sections. As almost 500 million forints were spent from the public budget on the project, the costs of which are estimated to possibly reach 3000 billion forints, it would be important to know what jobs and what results such an amount was paid for.

In the summer of 2011, we requested the disclosure of studies and analyses prepared in the course of the so-called Teller project of the Hungarian Power Companies Ltd. (MVM Zrt.) and the Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., which dealt with the expansion of the nuclear power plant from 2007 to 2009. We obtained information on the companies who worked on the project and the nature of the analyses they made, through a successful lawsuit against the nuclear power plant about the contracts signed in the framework of the Teller project.

The nuclear power plant asked for an extension of the deadline until 30 September with reference to the large scale of the task to collect the documents of public interest. The power plant met the deadline, and we observed the following during close inspection of the documents and the attached letter sent to us:

The power plant did not disclose the requested documents in full, and failed to provide a comprehensive explanation. From the approx. 67 tasks set out in the 19 contracts made in the course of the project, the disclosed materials make identification possible for only 15. In most cases the power plant argued that the analyses were incorporated into the materials titled Feasibility study, the Preliminary environmental assessment and Strategy for exhausted fuel and radioactive waste placement. However, the latter was not sent to us, and the Feasibility study we received was only partial (articles regarding the costs and financing of the new blocks were redacted).

Therefore it is virtually impossible to assess how exactly the provisions of the contracts were realized, even in situations where it is more or less possible to figure out who wrote, for instance, a given section of the Feasibility study. In addition, there are several jobs in the contracts (e.g. for preparing analyses) that have no confirmation of realization, and in some cases even the attached letter failed to explain why documents are missing.

In light of the above we have submitted a new request to the director of the nuclear power plant.