Az oldalt gondozza: Energiaklub

Decision on Paks expansion unfounded

2011. 5. 24.

It was not investigated whether surplus nuclear energy is needed and the public was not informed about the preparations - says the position paper, published by Sándor Fülöp, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations. The Ombudsman's Office investigated the circumstances of the parliamentary resolution on the expansion of Paks Nuclear Power Plant, to the appeal of Energiaklub.

The Ombudsman disapproved of the resolution not being relevantly prepared: besides not investigating whether surplus nuclear energy is needed, and if it is, to what extent, no impact assessment has been carried out, and the decision was taken by the MPs based on a 1.5 page explanation lacking any concrete facts regarding the expansion (such as the number and sizes of the reactors and the time frame for execution) . The resolution states: "Publicity and participation has to be ensured in every stage of the process. This can guarantee the total exploration of societal risks from every aspect and the discussion of such organizations and individuals who are professionally and financially not commited to the nuclear expansion."

The Ombudsman therefore initiated that the government conduct the necessary investigations,  make their results public and submit a document to the Parliament which includes information on the necessity and the conditions of the investment, the number, type and installation of the reactors.